Start Your Online Business Small – Like a Normal Business

Today I’m gonna talk about a mistake that most soon to be online business owners do. After seeing lots of online e-commerce businesses come and go it is clear that starting small will give you lots of benefits if you are a small company trying to make it’s presence online.

Why do I say this? Simple. Let’s take an example. When it comes to eCommerce systems all of us like to have a fully featured, dynamic, vibrant (you name it) and a magnificent web site to begin with. That is where most of small business owners make a huge mistake.

Unless you have several dedicated staff members to maintain the web site on your behalf and ability to pay their salaries then you are better off doing it. But then again that does not mean you are a small business owner. right?

Most of us who are just stepping into the online world does not have that much of capital or resources solely for the online part of their business. So start small like you do in normal life. Then grow little by little. Lets say you run a retail computer shop in the suburbs. After one to two years doing business you feel the need to tap in to the online stream where huge opportunities awaits you. So you hire a professional web design company and have them built an eCommerce platform that has every possible feature you can imaging. Since most companies do customize existing open source eCommerce systems you normally get these features by default.

After that you start designing banners for hot products, related products, discounted products etc. and display them on the main banner area, side area of the web site and fill her up with content. Which is a good thing. Then you open up the web site to the general public and waiting for sales to come in. After couple of weeks you start to realize that your HOT products are not hot anymore. So you need to replace the current banners, badges, seals and advertisement site wide. Since you started big now you have to go through the entire process of designing the banners, filling numerous (sometimes around 50 different areas, trust me) promotional boxes, images within the site with new content etc. Before the launch in most cases the web design company gives you a head start with designing the initial banners and content. After that you need to have people on your side to maintain the site. If the site is two big then you can’t do it alone. Plus you cant afford any new staff since you have paid a huge chunk for the development o the web site. Of course you can hire the same web design company to maintain the site. But larger the site the more you have to pay.

So if you are small then don’t try to do pretend you are big online by adding huge amounts of time sensitive content, banners and other promotional stuff. Because later down the road it comes to a point where you cannot update the site properly and your web site visitors will get frustrated having to see the same old stuff again and again.

If you are small then do a small scale eCommerce web site first. Get some sales and then expand your store. Consider this advice from if you are really serious about being successful online.